Christina Mesiti

How does the mind form an understanding of a home, a city, a country? Our sense of place has to do with the location, with what we lived before, and what we’ve seen in the past. Our comprehension of a place is arranged for us by our mind the way our subconscious creates the environments for our dreams. We see and understand only part of a city. And those parts we truly notice are the parts of places we’ve seen before, or think we’ve seen before, and the parts that, for some reason, are important to see again.

This series of map drawings attempts to tease out the relationship between memory and perception. Each drawing is composed of layers of smaller drawings. Through a personal, introverted process that uses line, repetition, layering, erasing, or emphasizing, I link many individual parts into a larger, barely comprehensible structure. Both their appearance and the automatic, almost stream of consciousness process of making them mimics the mind’s non-linear, cloudy way of making connections and associations. Dirty and rough, they reference maps that have been used and reused. Also map-like, they require the viewer to work to interpret them. The viewer completes the meaning of the piece, filling in the blanks each time she sees it.