Christina Pruitt

Christina Pruitt lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona where she shares a home and studio with her husband, Michael Pruitt, and their children. She has been photographing the world around her since she was 9 and still has that SX70 Polaroid today. She received her Masters in Fine Art from Arizona State University, worked in contemporary fine art galleries, and as a graphic designer. She has had work published in catalogs, shown in museums and galleries and held in private collections across the Southwest.

For her, photography is mostly an act of editing out the unnecessary visual information so only small detailed vignettes of an interior moment remain. She leaves few clues and little context so that viewers must bring some of their own story or memory to the experience.

After keeping her photographic work and works on paper exclusive, she began merging her two mediums to create new mixed media pieces incorporating photo and other materials in 1998. These began from experiments in her sketchbook, which always started with a snapshot glued to blank page. This idea which initially was a way to begin a daily journal for mixed media has grown to incorporate not only her photography and mixed media but also digital skills gleaned from professional experience in graphic and web design. Chris loves photographing people and details of living. She is currently incorporating, installation, photography, works on paper and a combination of the these.