Daniel Funkhouser

Self-portraiture has always been a staple of my work, even before I began thinking of my scribbled drawings in notebooks as art. It has since allowed me to address themes of identity, sexuality, childhood and change. I wanted to remain labile, open to ideas, continue to learn and resist definitions. I not only wanted to honor the traditions that preceded and influenced me, but build upon them and consider painting’s future. These pursuits resulted in my current body of work I refer to as the Clusterfuck Paintings.
A Clusterfuck Painting is, at root, a celebration of possibilities. It embraces contradictions, collages styles and materials, and melds images into a single composition. Beginning with a hazy idea, the painting unfolds intuitively, solutions and dimensions being addressed as they come. Classical techniques, Western and Eastern, are woven with novel techniques I dream up on my own. Gold leaf alongside glitter, oil paint over acrylic caulk. Contrasting textures and color compete alongside imagery that is simultaneously playful yet aggressive. As the surface is in a state of chaos and flux, opposing ideas coexisting, many avenues and pursuits are opened at once. The flexibility of this process, dynamic and lush with surprises, is meant to leave the viewer with as lively and exciting a visual experience as possible.
Daniel was born in Phoenix and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University.