Danielle D’Aleo

Danielle Therese D’Aleo was born in Champaign, Illinois in 1983. She is the product of two artists; her mother a writer/photographer and her father a musician, poet, and illustrator.

The importance of art has influenced her life since day one. Her family relocated to Arizona in 1998. She received her BFA in Fibers from Arizona State University.  Danielle’s academic awards include the Russell and Bonita Nelson Scholarship for the top undergraduate art student, as well as a nomination as a finalist for the Windgate Fellowship.

Currently living and working in Tempe, AZ, Danielle has a studio in her home where she spends every precious second she can printing yardages of patterned fabrics. Her newest works, The Beast and Quiet series, are patterned repeats of hand drawings. The compositions consist of nondescript, animal creatures who find them selves in various poses and colors.

Danielle is currently applying to graduate programs and hopes to begin pursuing her MFA in Fibers in Fall 2010.