Emmett Ramstad

My art practice explores bodies and daily routines. Working across multiple media, I tailor form to fit concept, working with sculpture, printmaking, fiber, and collaborations with artists in interdisciplinary media.I explore what it means to be a human, to have a body, to save and cherish objects. My artworks are small testaments to ordinary activities and bodily functions that transform physical traces of the body such as pubic hair, skin and clothing, as well as objects that are touched frequently like letters, mementos and grooming implements into sculptures and prints. At base, I make honest, beautiful and layered depictions of the human body in all its abjection, complication and absurdness.By choosing to work with bodily themes, I draw attention to the disjuncture between what is understood as the universal human body or self and specific kinds of bodies. How does touching or feeling objects change according to who is doing the touching?

See more of my work at: http://www.emmettramstad.com