Jennifer Urso

In my work I investigate materials and thoughts that seem like waste and question why these are determined unnecessary. I believe the thrown away materials and ideas are what become the rudimentary parts to build into something greater. Every bit of dust and dirt collects, compresses and forms something stable used to build. Scattered thoughts and impressions build over time to create choices and a direction in our lives.

By collecting or putting together materials that seem unnecessary, I call attention to what they’re potential may be or what they symbolize in a life of use and disuse. Creating an environment where people either participate or witness a moment of building or breakdown provides a sped-up version of the processes that they personally experience. The materials are ordinary and familiar – dirt, string, thoughts/words. Gathering these scattered bits and rearranging it into a temporary stable structure, helps make each day sensible and meaningful. I also compare what appears to be a state of disorder as being a state of great stability by diagramming moments like conversation, stream of consciousness, piles of rubble, cracked patterns in mud.

This flips our perception of a chaotic moment in a personal situation as being the necessary breakthrough to clarity and mental housecleaning. Of course, the momentary organization isn’t meant to last since it only holds value for immediate needs.

In the future, parts of our logic will be broken down and used in fragments again. The identity of the material structures surrounding us, and ourselves, will constantly be in a state of change.