Kaori Takamura

Kaori Takamura works in acrylic on canvas with machine stitching in selected colored threads. In her artwork, she presents quiet emotions seeking to evoke distant, long forgotten memories. Takamura treats letterforms, packaging icons and signage as timeless and strangely familiar icons. The series title ‘SEWN’ refers to the stitching together of various themes, concepts and emotions in a kind of patchwork quilt of expressions. She says, ‘I sew my art just like others paint with brushes. The unconscious shapes created by random stitching are like uninhibited scribbling that evokes subtle memories.’

Kaori Takamura, originally from Tokyo, Japan, lives and works in her home studio in Carefree. A graphic and packaging designer by trade, she balances the interrelationship between design and art through her explorations on canvas.