Katherine Nicholson

Katherine Nicholson, a native of New England, completed her Masters of Fine Art in printmaking at Arizona State University and her Bachelors of Fine Art in sculpture and printmaking at Washington University in St. Louis. Her prints and artist’s books have been exhibited nationally.

As an educator, Katherine currently teaches foundations courses at Scottsdale and Glendale Community Colleges. She has also taught printmaking and foundation classes at Arizona State University, as well as fine art classes for a variety of age and skill levels at the Shemer Art Center, the Tempe Vihel Center, and the Museum for Youth. Before moving to Arizona, she was a middle school art teacher in Connecticut.

Katherine’s current work centers on the Salt River and the Sonoran Desert. Her time at the river is spent photographing, observing, and collecting. She focuses on the evidence that is left behind, the traces that mark the time and place where beings have traveled. By collecting the paths left behind, her images not only help her personally define the Salt River, but also directly capture the texture of the desert, describe the surface of its terrain, and witness its trespasses. Her work exposes the intimacy of place and reveals the parts of nature that are concealed. Through the gathering of evidence, her images have been transformed into momentary landscapes that reveal intimate relationships of the desert and reflect the activity that occurs. Her work has become a map that defines place as well as divulges its secrets.