Keith Laber

I am an emerging sculptor/artist working primarily with stone, and beginning to explore the marriage of metal and stone.

I grew up in Ohio and West Virginia and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Marshall University.  Currently, I live in Phoenix and work as an environmental graphic designer.

My work, in its truest essence, is about being whole and complete. I am whole and complete when I create. I come from creation, therefore I am that which I come from, a creator.

Creation, however, doesn’t happen by itself.  It comes from the sense of responsibility that is present knowing that I am part of a whole. I create to be a contribution to others; to give my gift to others, to let them know through my work, we are the same, and no one is alone. The emotions and feelings communicated with each piece are the same emotions and feelings all human beings experience. Through this experience, we see our connectivity to others, our importance and relatedness, our mutual ‘humanness’ and create from nothing, and everything, the absence of aloneness, the joining of self to the whole.