Lee Davis

My work can best be described as approachable conceptual art, with the subject matter being scientific, thought provoking, and humorous. In this day and age artists must contend with many distractions, like the Internet and its devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. I attempt to pry the viewers’ attention toward my work by deliberately using bold iconographic imagery with slight comical abstractions or absurdities to initiate a ‘double take’. Once a response is established the viewer can reflect that they did indeed see a peculiarity — for example, a crab with chainsaw claws or an octopus holding a kitchen knife. The simplicity of my imagery allows the viewer to create their own concept of the piece regardless of what I had intended it to invoke. At the root, this is how I measure the effectiveness of my work; approachable conceptual art.

I have found science to be an incredibly rich catalyst for my creativity. Inspiration comes from reading and expanding my knowledge of the disciplines’ many channels. By analyzing the scientific articles I’ve read I create imagery to reflect a piece, a part, a whole, or perhaps an implication of the subject, discovery, or theory. Science perpetually finds new or revamps existing ideas. I find this dynamism to be the perfect stimulus for my work.

Growing up on ten acres in rural Missouri I developed an appreciation for flora and fauna and the habitats they reside in. My parents encouraged inquisitiveness and creativity at an early age. They talked me out of becoming a Paleontologist because of the poor salary prospects. So I went to college and studied the arts.