R. Eric McMaster

A variety of techniques and resources related to industry are employed in the production of the artwork. Mold making, packaging, rapid-prototyping, and commercial imagery are used to create pieces that reflect America’s attraction to the sellable object, the kitsch, and the multiple. McMaster materializes complacency in a playful manner, using stereotypic imagery, the absurd, and product mimicry. The art is American art, focusing on a humorous embracement of consumerism on the surface while generating an underlying layer of societal critique.

At their core, the pieces display moments of capitulation, conformity, and the absence of the genuine. They reference the feeling that we get when we nod our heads ‘yes’ and ignore our personal beliefs, accepting the accumulation of possessions to alleviate spiritual and philosophical yearning. The art presents the inherent tragedy of humanity’s entrapment in an exclusively material paradigm.