Ryan Peter Miller

Paint is as malleable as the ideas that define the discipline of painting. My work is an ontological investigation of paint as a material, process, and cultural concept. Through my body of work, I deconstruct the discipline of painting into the essential signifiers and historical structures needed to make the phenomena of function within our visual culture. Small-scale, square-format works are iconic representations of paintings dependant on one another to form a greater network of meaning. This exploration is a subjective, non-linear deconstruction, where paint functions as the subject of the work as well as the material being used. Some of the works focus on revealing traditional systems and methods within the historic practice of painting, and others are calculated arrangements of non-traditional materials such as crayons, cast paint forms, plastic toys, stickers, etc. Through a variety of techniques I explore painterly concepts such as picture plane, plasticity, and mark making, while also addressing the role of art as commodity and the artist as a unique and demanding consumer.