Sean Deckert

Smoke & Mirrors | Eye Lounge installation | Phoenix, AZ from Sean Deckert on Vimeo.

Sean Deckert photographs intersections of time and place beneath the patterns of climate. His focus on urban landscape and the human development that unfolds in these spaces bears witness to the ecological impact relevant within contemporary cultures. Time lapse and infrared imagery build upon the historical role of photography as a scientific tool while still elevating the visual aesthetic above the documentary nature of the medium. Structural urban places become reminiscent of organic human bodies.  Previously invisible solar patterns and heat signatures transform into respiratory rates. The sky becomes a tangible object to understand as a force in flux with these spaces. Using the most extreme cities as the synecdoche for his socially concerned vision, he works primarily in Phoenix, Arizona and Beijing, China. His work is evidentiary in nature although the intrinsic quality lies in its conception as art for the future of understanding what these issues look and feel like to the average citizen.