Takashi Hara

Takashi Hara was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. His Japanese upbringing influence his love of art began at the tender age of 7, when he realized his passion for Japanese calligraphy. He moved to Canada and finished BFA program at the University of Regina in 2010. He kept exploring his art after BFA, and he has shown his art in Japan, Canada, and US. He studied under Master Koshin Soeda in Japan, a distinguished Japanese Calligrapher and assisted renowned artist Victor Cicansky, who has become his mentor of his ceramics art in Canada. In 2012, Takashi moved to US and earned MFA degree at Arizona State University 2015.

He used to create art based on resilience with using street objects such as sneakers and flowers. Recently, he focuses on joy and sorrow of life and uses pigs as a narrative in allegory of human societies with distressing realities. Our societies are cold for people who have differences, which can be seen by the way people, treat others by bullying, prejudice, and discriminations. These facts can often be avoided in conversation and eventually forgotten.