Teresa Moralez

What is not discussed becomes veiled in denial.  And as a woman, what becomes veiled in denial exists as oppression.  And what exists as oppression, when confronted becomes taboo, irrational, and improper.  This is my body, my mind and my drive.  I believe our ritualized behaviors affect us socially and our place in society affects us behaviorally.  Through age we become finely conditioned creatures of habit and because of this we develop rituals in the way we react and behave.  This ultimately shapes our existence.  I am interested in how gender roles both inform and are informed by varying circumstances.  I ultimately aim to reflect upon these circumstances and provoke my audience to do the same.

Teresa Moralez received her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Iowa where she studied printmaking and Intermedia.  As a printmaker she exploits concepts such as repetition, multiples, layering, and ritual, and infuses them into her painting, collage, video, sound and performance art.  Teresa’s work is a reflection of her maternal, feminine, and domestic experience.  Through the use of instructionals, guidelines, and How-to’s, her intention is to convey ambiguity in didacticism so the audience is allowed to formulate their own questions within themselves and their own circumstance.