Zac Zetterberg

In the mid 16th century , Europeans began to assemble large individual collections of specimens that questioned the truths about the world and fulfilled their fascination with the strange and unusual. These early collections became known as a Wunderkammer, or cabinets of curiosity. Eventually these “wonder chambers” evolved into the modern museum. The Wunderkammer is regarded as a symbolic microcosm of the world that provides insight into the larger world around us.

My interests in biology, physics, sound, and the unseen/unknown are catalogued in a library of documentation and visual references that I refer to as “The Morgue”. The morgue supplies me with the information I use to develop and arrange specimens into my cabinet of curiosities. Utilizing technical skill, instinctive subjectivity, and the imagination I strive to create something unfamiliar that straddles the periphery of rational thought.