Mary Meyer

My work involves installations that carry a vast evolution of forms. I have always been drawn to tactile materials and processes that foster a meditative state of mind. For me, this state of mind is achieved through the repetitive action of creating multiples. Although most of my work is produced intuitively, it is also informed by my curiosity for biological science and the anatomy of all life, especially botanical life. I see things through a macro lens—investigating the patterns, symmetry and formal similarities that connect our bodies with the natural world.For more information, visit

cast plaster, graphite
floor installation, varied dimensions

Imprints is a system of plaster castings taken directly from my own body. Revealed within each casting is a physical memory of living gesture fixed with graphite. The myriad of impressions record a place where exterior becomes interior, and notions of age and identity are explored.

presence: absorption
painted ceramic on sand
floor installation, varied dimensions

presence refers to a contemplative state of mind—a centeredness—that occurs when I’m working in the studio. As an installation, it becomes a site of constant transition, where stillness and movement co-exist. absorption inscribes a progression of moments. Hand sculpted from clay, the forms reflect the process—intimate, somatic, quiet.

cast wax, acrylic paint, wood
floor installation, varied dimensions


The formal elements of dissection and balance often emerge in my imagery and are of great importance. These recurring themes speak of curiosity, scrutiny, and a fascination with bilateral symmetry; a characteristic so prevalent throughout the natural world.