Nic Wiesinger

I Draw a Map: Roosevelt Lake
8″ x 10″
Fall 2009

Nic Wiesinger was recently transplanted from Indianapolis, Indiana where he was born and raised into the Valley of the Sun. He attended Ball State University where he studied Secondary Education with a focus on Social Studies as well as Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis with a focus on Photography. He is currently pursuing a MFA in the Intermedia Art department at Arizona State University. His artwork varies in media from audio, video, books, two-dimensional scans and manipulations, and web based interactive relational art that ties and connects the artwork with the community. His art speaks, predominately, about how we communicate as a society, and how these systems of communication can either help to gain understanding or how they can sometimes hinder it.

Digital Scan
33″ x 33″
Spring 2009
Screenless Movies: Titanic
Video 2:59 minutes
Spring 2009