Four Walls/ Four Views

Project Room
1/16/15 – 2/15/15


Four Fine Art majors from Paradise Valley Community College are showing their artwork in the project room. The students are all Portfolio students of David L. Bradley, Professor of Art at PVCC. The Artists: Alexa Heiser, Alexis Lieffort, Molly Burke, Gabriela Lundblade

current members : current work

1/16/15 – 2/15/15

images for the group show jan 2015

Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Turner G. Davis, Mimi Jardine, Keith Laber, Constance McBride, Merkel McLendon, Abbey Messmer, Teresa Moralez, John Randall Nelson, Christina You-sun Park

Current members of eye lounge join together to present current work and celebrate our anniversary. Throughout 2015 eye lounge will be celebrating 15 Years as a contemporary artist-run collective in downtown Phoenix on Roosevelt Row.


Project Room
cm for fb cropped.jpg

cheryl image
New work in clay by Cheryl Brandon and Constance McBride

This work was born simply, out of recent events occurring around the country. It stems from a shared concern for humankind in this time of 24/7 communication. We believe expressing the shared humanity in people is an important way to support each other. We can’t ignore this sometimes cruel and frightening, yet sometimes wonderful and beautiful experience we all go through in life and contrary to the edited version of ourselves we share in traditional and social media, life’s moments are still messy and full of emotional turmoil.

Our goal was to capture the essence of a range of human experiences, from intensely personal to broader realities of our collective lives. We are showing ourselves as we are and celebrating the beauty of the human face.


East Gallery
untitled merkel image
Merkel McLendon

Kintsukouri – A Collaboration

The Project Room


Turner G. Davis

eye lounge artist, Turner G. Davis, will be presenting art work created during the collaboration with writer Holly Hendin for her new book called “Kintsukouri”. The images and poems explore notions of desire, loss, memory, the breaking apart, and the reforming of the self in the face of change and passage of time. Viewers will be able to pre-order copies of “Kintsukouri” to be published soon.


The East Gallery
Christina You-Sun Park

Phonography & the Construction of Place

Project Room


Connor Descheemaker

Connor Descheemaker is a senior Honors College student majoring in Urban & Metropolitan Studies. To complement his extensive work in creative placemaking in central Phoenix, the artist is compiling his debut solo exhibition to coincide with his undergraduate thesis. The multimedia installation compiles field recordings from three central Phoenix community spaces to present a glimpse at how the auralscape aids in the construction of sense of place. A participatory wall installation will accompany the sound work to trigger an

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audience understanding of the broad meaning of sonic geography.

How to Be a Misguided Miss Guide

East Gallery

Moralez promo shot

Teresa Moralez

How to be a Misguided Miss Guide features a series of paintings that reference women’s roles in western society. By using my personal experiences as a woman, the work reflects the collective structures and systems in which I am placed. As a

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mother I question my teachings and those which I have been taught. I believe in the practice of self-reflection because of the downfall that occurs when we fail to do so, and I am curious about the psychological and environmental destruction that transpires from indoctrinated habit.

Cory Slawson


Cory Slawson_work image

Cory Slawson
Curated by Ted Decker

In his site-specific installation for the Project Room at Eye Lounge, Cory Slawson references late 1960s Optical Art (Op Art) which uses optical illusions that, when viewed, give the impression of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibration, patterns, or alternatively, of warping or swelling. Slawson conflates this style with personal responses and life experiences and a life-long fascination with the balancing of tension in the liminal space of life and death. This work centers on the cult goddess Santa Muerte (Saint Death). Slawson’s visual production is idea and research driven, visually engaging, and demonstrates increasing technical/formal elements and ability.


Revelations in the Dark


New oil paintings by Abbey Messmer


This body of work began as photographs on a night swim in the desert, capturing white flesh suspended in still darkness. At it’s essence, it’s simple and quiet work that has evolved into questions about the unknown, like the deep sea or the void between celestial bodies. What is life, who are we and what is our personal truth. I don’t believe in god but I do believe we have been offered an amazing experience to live on planet earth and through contrast we find momentary understanding. Like Francis Bacon said, “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”