“BOBO AND FRIENDS,” a retrospective of works produced by past and present members of Paint Co-Lab painting collaboration. The exhibition will also feature the boundary-pushing works of Phoenix artist (and Paint Co-lab arbitrator) Bobo Johns.

Featured Co-Lab artists include: Lee Brown, Deborah Butterfly, Edgar Fernandez, Linda FitzGerald, Jim Jeffries, Kris Manzanares, Mary Meyers, Daniela Moneta, Aimee Ollinger, Jose Rodriguez, Kasha Banko, Leslie Barton, Claudia Castro, Rachel Johnson, Bernardo (Ivan) Lopez, Al Merino, Jamie Pettis, Alan Pobanz, Rachel Santillan, Mary Shaw, Yvonne Tapia, Marco Turrubiartes, Davin Yant, Reanna Diehl, and Deborah Jimenez (John Randall Nelson).

Paint and prints



Heather Holyan

Paint and prints: An experimentation of: bond, vellum and Mylar, the hand and the digital, Color black and white, Overlapping and shifting, Revealing and covering, Orderly and erratic.

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