Self-Made: 15 Years of eye lounge

VISION GALLERY | 10 E. Chicago St. | Chandler, AZ 85244
1/24/15 – 3/8/15

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A retrospective of 15 years of work produced by eye lounge, in celebration of the 15 year anniversary of its start in 2000. Since its beginning eye lounge has included over 120 artists that have pushed the boundaries of contemporary art. Over 60 artists will be exhibiting work in this dynamic show!

Kristin Bauer, Logan Bellew, David Bradley, Betsy Bret Harte, Peter Bugg, Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Angela Cazel Jahn, Sue Chenoweth, Cindy Dach, Lee Davis, Turner G. Davis, Sean Deckert, Nick DeFord, Alison Dunn, Paul Elliott, Greg Esser, Andrea Evans, Daniel Funkhouser, Jes Gettler, Dain Gore, Steve Hilton, Christopher Jagmin, Mimi Jardine, Keith Laber, Carolyn Lavender, Aimee Leon, Chris Maker, Naomi Marine, Cheryle Marine, Melissa Martinez, Emily Matyas, Teresa Moralez, Constance McBride, Merkel McLendon, R. Eric McMaster, Abbey Messmer, Mary Meyer, Ryan Peter Miller, Teresa Moralez, Ann Morton, John Randall Nelson, Dianne Nowicki, Christina You-sun Park, Marcus Payzant, Crystal Phelps, Benjamin Phillips, Lara Plecas, Christy Puetz, Karyn Ricci, Cole Robertson, Marco Rosichelli, Rebecca Ross, Kris Sanford, Chris Santa Maria, Lisa Marie Sipe, Joe Willie Smith, Tom Stritch, Karolina Sussland, Kaori Takamura, Kate Timmerman, Lisa von Koch, Nic Wiesinger, Mindy Sue Wittock, Denise Yaghmourian


2/20/15 – 3/15/15

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Work in this exhibition will be new; some will be experimental and boundary pushing; some will be a bit different from our current practice. Members of eye lounge are pleased to present new work in our gallery in celebration of our 15 year anniversary.

Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Turner G. Davis, Mimi Jardine, Chris Maker, Constance McBride, Merkel McLendon, Abbey Messmer, Teresa Moralez, Ann Morton, John Randall Nelson, Christina You-sun Park

Third Friday, Feb 20th 6-10pm
First Friday, Mar 6th 6-10pm

Art Detour Reception Hours
Sat Mar 7th & Sun Mar 8th from 11-5

Rossitza Todorova: Fold & Cut

Project Room
2/20/15 – 3/15/15
Rossitza Todorova

An exhibition of new work, artist books and paper sculptures

It goes without saying that a profound mystery lies behind the notions of space and time. We occupy space and experience time. The two are connected and intertwined for each of us. There is a connection between the structure of time dimension and spatial coordinates. As we see the phases of the moon from earth we experience and see the passage of time, directly connected to our physical point of view.

Working with simple repeated geometry, I have been exploring ideas of time and space. Paper is linear, two-dimensional, but through folding, creasing and cutting I have given this simple medium a three-dimensional form. I think of these sculptural collapsible books as representing space over time. In this exhibition I am using images of diamonds, cup paper books and cast shadows to create a metaphor of the passage of time.