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Ellen Nemetz - Hindsight

Ellen Nemetz

September 16th - October 16th, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, September 16th, 6 - 10 pm

eye lounge is pleased to present Hindsight by Ellen Nemetz. 

Hindsight views the past through the lens of the present. Our memories are like a reflection on water: constantly changing; perhaps beautiful, but intrinsically inaccurate.
Ellen Nemetz is interested in the human brain and how we become who we are. What happens to each of us throughout our lives becomes an especially important aspect of us: our memories. Our brains construct memories from sensory input in many forms, and because we are individuals, each of us has memories of the same event that differ from anyone else’s.  Whose is right and whose is wrong?  Memories are our personal autobiographies, composite images from different times overlaid on one another.  They undergo sea changes that exaggerate time, space, and size. Nemetz uses the distorted water images in these works to illustrate the changes wrought by memory.  Some are very clear and almost mirror-like, seemingly undisturbed by time and emotion. Other reflections are extremely distorted or nearly covered by surface debris, a physical representation of the bias of hindsight.
Hindsight is not 20/20.  Hindsight is a reinterpretation of existing memories. To recall a memory is to change it. 

eye lounge is a collective, artist-run, contemporary art space committed to fostering emerging and established visual artists in downtown Phoenix. The collective was founded in 2000 and first hosted group exhibitions at various locations in and around Phoenix and moved to its permanent location at 419 E. Roosevelt St. in December, 2001. The collective is a founding member of Roosevelt Row.

Membership of the eye lounge collective operates through fixed terms of one to three years in length. Its current members are: Malena Barnhart, Cherie Buck-Hutchison, Ashley Czajkowski, Takashi Hara, Tawny Kerr, Constance McBride, John Randall Nelson, Ellen Nemetz, Christina You-sun Park, Kim Sweet, and Danielle Wood.

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